Application servers

WebLogic Server (WLS), tomcat, tc_server, Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)


Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Sybase, Informix

Operating systems

Linux (rh, oel, centos), Windows Server, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX

Cloud Computing and Clusters

Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster Server, Oracle CRS (RAC)

Professional services

Planning, architecture, installation, migration, performance optimization (tuning), troubleshooting, support

Outsourcing and agreements

Maintenance and development contracts, in intervals of time 24x7x365, 5/8, body leasing, time & materials

Planning, installation, migration, patches and updates, performance optimization, troubleshooting, maintenance 24/7, 365 days a year systems, applications running on production

Especially for our Clients, meeting their expectations, we take care of everything that is important for them and for us:

we provide support for application and database environments, operating systems, through backup management, backup recovery, disaster recovery, security audits, patch uploads and on license management ending

EXPinIT deals day after day with the support of its customers in the following IT areas:

  • Development, planning
  • Installation, configuration,
  • Migration, coercion
  • Optimize action
  • Solving everyday problems (troubleshooting, BAU - Business As Usual)
Support in these areas is realized in all test environments according to their intended use (SIT, UAT, Dev, Test, etc.) and on DR, preproduction and major production environments.

Our consultants have more than 15 years of experience in maintaining production systems for among others T-Mobile, PZU, KGP, European Commission on 24x7x365 / 5x8 models at the highest SLA levels.

Professional services

Our extensive experience has led us to build a number of services that will help you quickly track the progress of Oracle and Microsoft technology deployment, and then help with its ongoing support. We provide all aspects of middleware management, operating systems, databases, regular health checks, daily maintenance for critical systems monitoring and management, including::

  • Software installation, updates, and integration using best practices
  • Maintenance 24h / day, 5/8, middleware management, databases, operating systems
  • Architecture and management of cloud computing services Microsoft Azure
  • Hyper-V virtualization, OVM, VMwar
  • Backup and recovery from backup - backup and recovery
  • Patch management
  • DR - Disaster Recovery Solution Design
  • Migration of middleware, databases between hardware and oscilloscopes
  • Proactive performance audits, management, tuning, disaster recovery
  • Monitoring services 24/7/365
  • Healthcare services for middleware / databases / server / e-business - a series of diagnostic tests designed to give organizations the ability to critically evaluate their solutions based on Oracle technology that identify any existing and potential areas of interest
  • Construction of test environments - Dev, SIT, UAT, Test - pre-production, production and DR environments
  • Planning the scope of projects, sizing systems / architecture / infrastructure
  • Security audits
  • Educational services


The most effective way to grow your business today is to temporarily and dynamically increase human resources to keep your work current, which will bring us the expected results in the future. EXPinIT provides that to its customers - within the scope of our professional services, we guarantee access to qualified IT engineers who, depending on the client's preferences, will perform their tasks in one of the following two models:

    Onsite - at the customer's office or in another designated location
  • Offsite - remotely from our office

On both models, we provide a precautionary standby (24h) to our telephone support - a direct line to a dedicated technical consultant to help your IT Administrators or IT Managers to troubleshoot, advise and plan disaster prevention scenarios and optimize system performance. In the offsite model, we also offer a 15-minute rate, which is very cost-effective or a fixed price to be negotiated under the client's budget.

We will also realize for all formalities related to the recruitment and adaptation process of a new Employee.
We also offer flexible, proactive, SLA-based services that deliver exceptional results.