Application servers

WebLogic Server (WLS), tomcat, tc_server, Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS)


Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, Sybase, Informix

Operating systems

Linux (rh, oel, centos), Windows Server, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX

Cloud Computing and Clusters

Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, Oracle Cloud, Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster Server, Oracle CRS (RAC)

Professional services

Planning, architecture, installation, migration, performance optimization (tuning), troubleshooting, support

Outsourcing and agreements

Maintenance and development contracts, in intervals of time 24x7x365, 5/8, body leasing, time & materials

EXPinIT helps companies to understand, implement and get the highest value from the ORACLE and MICROSOFT technologies

simultaneously providing efficient, professional and seamless integration with the rest of the IT environment.

Our company will help you with middleware, databases, virtualization, architecture, management of cloud computing services (Microsoft Azure).
We also support troubleshooting, tuning, state control, complete management, farms, clusters configurations, including operating systems, License status audits

EXPinIT was founded by Oracle and Microsoft experts who have gained their experience working for the largest Polish and foreign companies.

We support the largest (30,000+ positions) financial and public institutions around the world, telecommunications, insurance and financial companies.

We are characterized by a practical approach, based on the analysis of your company and the industry in which it operates.

Based on this information, we will provide you our recommendations and solutions to improve your company's efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.